Comparison of iOS5 with Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone

iOS 5 vs Android vs Windows mobile
iOS 5 has brought a lot of features with it. We had heard about the hints that pointed to twitter integrations, group messaging etc. iOS 5 has been finally revealed , the most of the iOS fans wanted to have notifications on their apple device and the iOS 5 will made it possible. There are many new features that have come up with this iOS version that have been already implemented in BlackBerry, windows phone and Android before. Let’s compare them to see which is much better.

Twitter Integration
Sharing on Twitter (Twitter Integration) will be available in iOS 5 in fall release whereas in Android, this feature is available where you can update your status via apps. On BlackBerry, you can easily share photos. On Windows Phone, this is not yet available but it will be in its Mango Update that is going to come in fall.

Browser Reading Mode
This mode is going to be available in iOS 5 in its fall release whereas third party apps provides this feature on BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone

Camera Shortcut when phone is locked
iOS fall release is coming with this feature. On BlackBerry, you can’t use this feature unless you wake up your phone. On Windows phone, this feature is available and you have to hold and press the shutter from the sleep to the position. Talking about Android, HTC sensation has this shortcut available in it.

Grouped Notifications
In iOS 5, Notification Center is available that provides you grouped notifications. On BlackBerry OS, you can have the notification icons that are available on your home screen. On windows phone, you can use “Live Tile Updates” to have grouped notifications and on Android, you can use “Notifications pull down”.

Group Multimedia Messaging
This feature is available in iOS 5 through iMessage. On BlackBerry, you can use the BlackBerry Messenger 5 to use multimedia messaging. On Windows phone and Android, there are many third party apps that will provide you this feature as this feature is not directly available.

Magazines Subscriptions
If you have iOS running, you can use Newsstand to use this feature. On BlackBerry, Windows phone and Android, this feature is provided by the third party apps.

Rich Text Formatting
On iOS 5, you have Mail app available that will provide you this feature. On BlackBerry and Android, third party apps will be there to provide this feature. As Windows Phone is from Microsoft, therefore no doubt, you can use this feature with the help of Office Documents.

Reminder Lists
This feature will be available in iOS fall release whereas on BlackBerry, windows phone and Android, you can use the third party apps to use this feature.

Over-the-air updates
You can use this feature in iOS 5 fall release whereas on BlackBerry, this is available on BlackBerry OS 5. On windows Phone and Android, this is the original feature in its 2010 and 2008 release respectively.

Games Recommendations
Games Center is available in iOS. On BlackBerry, this is not yet available. On Windows Phone 7, Xbox live is there and on Android, this is still not available.

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