Huawei Ideos X1 will Launch on Orange

Huawei Ideos X1
Huawei Ideos X1 ready for Orange Launch.The most interesting thing about it is that Huawei Ideos X1 costs 99 EUR. We are expecting to see its launch in other countries soon. It will be an Orange Launch and many people are waiting for that time.

Let’s talk about some of the Huawei Ideos X1’s specifications. It’s an Android phone that has Android 2.2 installed in it. It has MSM7225 528 MHz processor installed in it. 2.8 inches screen is there and you have 240x320 pixels resolution in it. It’s a mid level Smartphone, not very highly optimized and not built with very advanced equipments. But it’s not that bad when you start using it. It has 3.2 megapixel camera and contains 512MB RAM in it. Huawei Ideos X1 is not like other phones. It’s unique in all of them. If you don’t want to run many HD apps simultaneously on your phone, you probably should purchase this phone. Orange Launch is still some days away. Let’s see how well it will be rated when it reaches the market. One more thing is that the phone weights only 90 grams.

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