iOS Apps of the Day: Air Folders, Audiotap, PicBlender

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Air Folders
Now, with the help of this app, you can store any kind of audio and video files in your iPhone. Whether it’s a PDF document or a word document, Air Folders can easily open it for you. Though your phone does not support many file formats, this app does it for you.
If you want to give your data some privacy, it won’t be a problem as you can lock your folders and make them password protected. If you have received some attachments that are zipped and you don’t have any laptop or PC around and you want to have that data urgently, don’t worry. Turn this app on and it will unzip the attachment for you.
“Air Folders” supports four transfer methods. You can transfer the files without any internet connection but just via USB. Or you can get your files from the email. You can also send your attachments via email, too. Or you can use the Wi-Fi that is a much simpler way. Al you need is an internet browser to connect to your iPhone via Wi-Fi and you are done. You can also have the files that you have uploaded on DropBox, GoogleDocs, iDisk etc.
The app costs $3.99.
Air Folders
Meditap is already running on Mac OS and now they have launched Audiotap for iPhone. This app supports Wi-Fi and 3G and you don’t need to create an account to use it.
You can edit your playlists or rate the songs you like. The app will also upload nothing from your device to their servers. The app is simple and has a very smooth UI. Now, you can stream music no matter where you are. You can create the folders as you desire and you can put any song in any folder you want. “Audiotap” also runs on iPhone classic and on all iOS devices. Install the Audiotap in your phone and let yourself go into the world where there is music everywhere.
The app is not available at its full price. As this app is launched some days ago, they have cut the price for some time. Remember this is a limited-time offer. It will end shortly. So, don’t waste your time. Download Audiotap now. The app costs $1.99.
Add amazing affects to your photos by using PicBlender. You will surely like this app.
All you have to do is to select 2 photos from your library, choose the blending mode that you want to use. Make the effect stronger or light depending on how you want it and finally save your photo in your photo library. There are almost 18 different blending modes available in the app including darken, difference, lighten, saturation, hardlight etc. You can also switch the order of blending and see how it has affected your photo. The app has a really simple and easy-to-use user interface. The app is getting popular and it’s featured by Apple as Noteworthy in US and French AppStores. PicBlender will give your photo an effect that you want to see on it.
This app has a lot of features that you can use to add astonishing effects to your photos and this app is also not very much expensive. This app costs $0.99 only and we think it’s worth it. Download PicBlender and start using it today.

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