iOS Apps of the day: Camera 360 Ultimate, D.A.R.K, BackStab

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Camera 360 Ultimate
This app is popular on many mobile platforms and we are sure that you will like it on your iPhone too. This is one of the best photography apps available in the market.
There are 13 different effects that you can add to the photo you like. You can remove the red-eye by just one touch. Speed your camera up to 180 pictures per minute and grab the moments you want just like that. Due to effect enhancement camera, your photo level will be more good and richer no matter where you are, indoor or outdoor. You can also select the black and white effect that will give you simply a black and white picture but with high quality. Choose the hand painted camera to give your photo a cartoon like effect. Ambilight photo will make your photo look like a fairy land. 1839 camera effect will make your photo look as it was taken in early 1839. Funny camera effect will make your photo funny and photography a great fun. You can even use the ghost camera effect. There are a lot of other effects that are worth checking. So, don’t wait. Check all of them out. I am sure you will like them.
Once you have taken your photo and added the effects of your choice, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Flicker etc. Now, you can shoot in the way you find comfortable.
The app costs $0.99. With such amazing features, I think this is not expensive at all. You should give it a try.
Camera 360 Ultimate
D.A.R.K Squadron is there in the space. Install this game in your phone and let yourself experience the new and unique kind of adventure. Contact with storm Bringer has been lost and they have sent a team of D.A.R.K Squadron to investigate. There are many enemies on your way to your destiny. Fight with them and let yourself find the truth about Storm Bringer.
The game is addictive and you would probably play it for hours. Sound effects of the game are just awesome. 3D graphics are also stunning. You have to explore the spaceship to investigate and uncover the truth. There are many upgrades available on the ship. Find them and make your man like you want him to be. There are three difficulty levels. So, the game is available for beginners as well as for pros. Play and let yourself see how well you are in this game by taking a look at the leaderboards. There are a number of weapons available that are different and unique from each other. You can choose to have gunfights or you can play puzzles. In short, the game will not let you get bored.
D.A.R.K is worth playing. There’s 66 % off due to LAUNCH PRICE SALE. So, don’t be late. Get it now. It costs $0.99 only.
You are known as Henry Black in this game. He is a man whose life is destroyed. He has faced many hurdles. Now, he is on his way to find the revenge. Use your skills and defeat your enemies to reach your destiny.
The story of the game is unprecedented. You have to take revenge from all of them who have betrayed you. When you play this game, it gives you a realistic feel. The island has stunning 3D environments. Roam freely on the island and investigate four different cities to uncover the secrets that will help you in reaching your destiny.
The game costs $6.99 and it is worth downloading.

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