iOS Apps of the Day: Evernote Peek, 1000 Heroez HD, Twipple Pro

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iOS Apps of the day:

Evernote Peek
Strengthen your memory, read, or practice the quiz with the help of Evernote Peek. This app is available only for iPad 2 with smart cover.
Create an Evernote account because with the help of it, you are going to create your own study notebook. Once you have made your Evernote account, connect this app with it and you are ready to go. The title of the note will be the clue and the material of the note will be your answer. If you want to work on it at its best, make a one sentence clue and approx. three sentences answer. When you will close the Smart Cover, the app will move to the next clue. You can also re-test the ones that are incorrect. Adding notebook is also not a difficulty but it’s super simple. Just tap the Add button to add your Evernote notebooks. One more thing that you have to remember is that this app only works for iPad 2 with Apple Smart Cover.
The app is also not expensive. Or simply, you don’t have to pay anything to download this app. So, if you have an iPad 2 with Apple Smart Cover, you should try this one.
1000 Heroez HD
This is a very unique game. There will be new level everyday waiting for you and every level has global Leader Boards that will give you a chance every day to show yourself up on it.
There will be a new hero everyday and you have to guide him to reach to the end as quickly as possible. There is a signature relic for every hero. The past levels are also not forgotten but if you want to play them, you can play at anytime you want. What does 1000 means? Well, you have a thousand days o f content available that means that you can play this game for 3 years and each day with a new level. There will be a new relic everyday. Let’s see how much you can collect till the end. Gather the coins on your way and make your name so that everyone could know how much pro you are. There are custom friends league available that will help you to create your own custom competition. Every time you play, you get a chance to beat your friends.
The game is not very expensive. It costs $1.99. But that’s not very much when you are going to get three years of extreme fun. Download and play this one now.
Twipple Pro for iPhone
This is a Twitter client for your iPhone that has a multiple account support. Basic features are easily available.
The version is available in two languages that are English and Japanese. Push notifications feature is available but you can use it only when you have iOS 4 equipped with multi-tasking capabilities in your phone. The app is highly customizable. You can set the font size, background color of your choice, thumbnail images and many more. Filtering actions are also available in which you can hide a specific user, mentions, tweets with certain words or a specific client (for paid version only).Basic features are easily available and you can also use the advanced features. If you love to use Twitter, this is a must-have app for you.
The app costs $2.99.

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