iOS Apps of the Day: Fluid Designer, Photoshop Lightroom 3 CC, InstaMap

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Fluid Designer
Just import your hand drawn things in this app and it will help you to make compelling app demos in just a few minutes.
No matter where you are, you can edit your app according to the ideas that come into your mind. You can edit overlays, screens, transitions etc. If you want to add new screens, add them. If you don’t like the transitions, you can change it. You can also add or change the animations as you want. By performing all these steps, you can easily develop your app in front of your eye. Whatever you have made, show it to your friends or others so that they will also get to know about your skills and ideas. Get an app idea in your mind and Fluid Designer is here for you to implement your thought.
The app costs $2.99.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Crash Course
This crash course about Lightroom 3 will give you a total overview of it and will help you to quickly learn some techniques and skills to improve your workflow.
The app will help you learning on how you can add the photos in the Lightroom 3 and how to store them in your phone. You will also learn about how you can create a preset and use it. If you want to share your photos with your friends, family and others, you can also learn about how you can do that. The app will also tell you about how you can create amazing photos by using different effects and techniques. You can also learn about saving your processing time and increase your shooting time by working with Lightroom and Photoshop together. Matt Kloskowski is an instructor in this app and he’s also the speaker of Photoshop events in all over the world. You will love to learn from him.
The app costs $9.99 and this app is worth downloading if you want to learn Lightroom 3.
You can browse through Instagram photos with the help of this app. The photos that are tagged to you can be viewed in tiled view or as a pin on the map.
The app redefines browsing the Instagram photos. You also have the possibility of defining subscriptions which is the unique feature in this app that makes it different from others. Once you have chosen the gallery, all you have to do is swipe. You can view the photos individually or you can see them together with their details. You can also “like” those that you want. You can create two types of subscriptions that are based on location or tags.
You can easily view the popular photos or if you are interested in watching a photo stream from a user, you can watch it easily. You can also comment on a photo with the help of InstaMap. There is a real time browsing through photos. Before you use this app, you need to have an Instagram account. You can create the one on this application on iPhone.
The app costs $1.99 only.

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