iOS Apps of the Day: PDF Printer, Image to Text, WorkPlace

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PDF Printer for iPhone
This is the simplest way to convert your files into a PDF format. It was never so easy before. You can convert word files, PowerPoint files, Excel files, keynotes and even images into PDF format. It doesn’t matter if you have an attachment from your mail or your DropBox, you can convert it using the PDF Printer.
You can convert your HTML pages to PDF when you are using the internal web Browser. You can therefore save it and once you have saved it, you can have a good use of it. For example, due to some reason, if you can’t connect to the internet, you can open the page that you have saved easily. You can open the files from DropBox, MobileMe, and iDisk and from other cloud applications. You can also transfer the files from your desktop pc to convert them using the app.
The app is $3.99 and we think that it worth it.
Image to Text Free
This is one of the best apps you can have in your iPhone. With its character recognition feature, it can copy the text from your images and then it converts it to an editable text that you can easily edit. If you don’t have a pen or paper and you want to note some text in front of you, don’t worry, take a picture of that text and see it converting from image to editable text in front of your eyes.
You can also use an existing image from your album. The processing time is not long and you don’t have to wait much. It will just take few seconds for conversion. Automatic spell check feature automatically check the spellings but this feature is available only for the full version. Once you have extracted the text, you can copy or paste it wherever you want. You can also edit the extracted text but it’s also available for the full version.
The app is free and the paid version is also available as well. Give it a try!
WorkPlace for iPad
This is the best and unique mobile enterprise app and it’s so simple to use it. With this app all the business intelligence is at your fingertips. With the help of the KPI dashboards, metrics and charts, you will easily know about how well your business is going. By using Mobile Application delivery platform, you can deliver your existing web-based applications within the company.
The data related to your business is easily accessible. If you want to connect to your existing spreadsheets, scorecards, portals and databases, you can do it easily and there is no need to re-write your existing files. Shortly, you can look over your business progress with the help of this app and if you are a businessman and have an iPad in your hand, this is a must-have app for you.
With a lot of features available, the app is still free. Download it!

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