Live Transit Updates Added in Google Maps

Google maps live transit updates
Whenever you take a public Transit, the only information that you can get is that when the bus is supposed to arrive. Ok, you see that time and you get at the station before it. What if you find out there is that the bus is not arrived at time and you have to wait. Wait till it gets there. What if you can also find the actual time at which the bus is going to arrive. Yes, this is possible now,

Google Maps for Mobiles and Desktop has partnered with Transit agencies so that they will be able to integrate the live Transit Data. Currently this feature is available for four U.S and other cities like Boston, San Diego, Portland, Ore, Turin and Madrid. Now when ever you will click a Transit station on Google Maps and if there will be delays or any type of alerts related to it, you can get that at by clicking a specific icon which is named as “Live Departure Times”. They are currently working on making this service available in more cities. For that, they are in contact with many of their Transit partners. If you are using a mobile, you can get the live transit updates if you have Android 1.6(or higher) installed in your phone. Let’s wait and see what the next update on Google Maps comes up with. If you are in these six cities, you are ready to use it and if you are not, you can wait till it becomes available there.

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