PrivateInfo App for iPad protects all your important content

PrivateInfo App for iPad
Private Info HD for iPad is the best Digital Wallet app available. It was packed with full of features and custom user interface.

With Private Info HD you can safely store Credit Card info, Bank accounts, Web Logins, Photos, Videos, files, and so much more locked behind a personalized password, protected by AES256 bit encryption. To take a step ahead, Private Info HD also offers support for iOS's own built in "Data Protection" - providing an added layer of security against theft or device loss.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Organized sections for "Wallet" items, Photos, Videos, Voice memo's, and various other files
  • Adding notes is painless and quick, set your own desired font & size, change text alignment, and even swap background/text color for easy viewing day or night.
  • Securely store important information such as web logins, credit cards, bank accounts, SSN with AES256bit encryption and available iOS Data Protection
  • Manage multiple Photo albums
  • Select multiple photos at once to send to "Camera Roll", share via email, delete.
  • Easily scroll through thumbnails, tap for fullscreen image viewer
  • Create multiple Video Albums to keep organized
  • Rename albums, movie files, share via email, save to camera roll, or watch them in app with a fullscreen video player
  • Photos, Videos, & Voice Memo's settings can be changed between several options to suit your needs
  • Import Video in HD, Photos in full resolution, record CD quality audio
  • Import Photos +Videos directly from camera roll
  • Record HD Video in app (iPad 2 +)
  • Snap photos in app (iPad 2 +)
  • Record, playback and share voice memo's with apps own built in audio recorder
  • Transfer files with ease via wifi, import email attachments, open files downloaded from safari and other supporting 3rd party apps.
  • Continue using the app while a wifi file transfer is in progress
  • View PDF's, Word, Pages, Numbers, and many other documents.
  • Send files to other 3rd party supporting apps
  • Email & Rename files
  • iOS Data protection available for all content managed in Private Info HD
  • Supports any orientation
  • Smooth, animated, easy to use custom interface.
  • Built in Info/Help, with the option to turn on/off at anytime within the apps settings menu
  • Option to set a password hint to show on lock screen with the touch of a button
  • Multitasking support - transfer files in the background, quickly come back to where you left off.
  • Options to automatically lock app when it is interrupted/ multitasking.
Download the app for $8.99 from iTunes.

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