QuickGoogle Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone

We don’t know what took so long time before the release of such an app. But the thing is this app is finally here and it’s working amazingly.

QuickGoogle uses an Activator action pull to pop up the Google Search box anytime and anywhere you want. It’s very easy to use this app. You can also set the Activator action of your choice. You can also choose “Shake Device” to activate. However, it’s not that type of complete version that it has to be. The developer has not put the “image search”, “news” options in that notification box. But when this will be updated, we are expecting to see more in it. So, let’s wait and watch what features the future update will bring with it.

We don’t know any similar release like this in the iTunes yet. But what we can say is that this Tweak is unique and one of its kind. You can get this Tweak from the Cydia store. Google is the best search engine for you and when you have it in the form of a Tweak, you must not ignore it.

To download it, just search for QuickGoogle in cydia.

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