Samsung's Galaxy S II found In AT&T Attire. Is it Coming Soon?

Samsung's Galaxy S II In AT&T
Samsung Galaxy S II has really made its name in the markets across the globe. When Samsung Galaxy S was released, due to its cool features, it made over 10 million sales across the globe and now as the Samsung Galaxy S II is released, it is expected to get more sales than its old version. A dual core 1.2 GHz processor is included in it and it has a qHD and high resolution display. Not only that, there are other features that will help this phone get success. As the things are getting advanced and advanced, if you really want to get the mass appeal, you probably have to include four major carriers in your phone.

Samsung Mobile’s Singapore Facebook Page let loose on some of the cool accessories that were available in the market and it also included the Dock-cradle. In the cradle there was and AT&T branded SII handset. People liked it and its layout looked very much similar to Infuse 4G which was recently came under AT&T platform. This layout has already become popular to the U.S Android users. Is the phone coming? We don’t have any answers yet. But let’s wait for the official launch date and its price.

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