SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 helps you to look into Space

Skymap app for WP7
Skymap app for WP7 helps the astronomers as well as stargazers to look into the space. It provides sky map for any location of the Earth. It’s the most popular application and also one of the top 50 paid application in the U.S. market. You can get the information about almost 110000 stars in the space with the help of this app.

Whether you want to find coordinates or you want to check out the astronomical rise, this app can give you the detail about it. You will also know about different names, magnitudes, planets, sun and the moon. In this new version, map rotation mode is available that allows you to rotate the map in whichever way you like. A beta version of point to the sky is also included due to its high demand and it uses accelerometer sensor of your phone. Star density can also be adjusted.

Help page is also included in the app so that you can look for the things you didn’t understand about this app. Beta version of point to sky is included and the full version is going to be released in the future when Microsoft will give access to compass API and we have heard that it’s going to be released in Mango OS release. All of these new features have added beauty to it and you should not have to miss this release. So what are you waiting for? Take your phone out and start downloading from HERE.

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