TiVo iPad app Updated with Video-on-demand

TiVo updates its iPad app
In the 2011 NCTA cable show, Tivo has announced that it will include some new features in its app that is tailored to its cable partners.

The app is already providing features like browsing, exploring and sharing your favorite entertainment. The new feature that is added by them is the operator’s video on demand that is included into the search features. With the help of it, you can easily find a TV program that you like or you are willing to watch. Another feature that is available only for iPad is that it automatically integrates the operator’s branding. It also integrates the linear programming and VOD catalog which is provided by the operator and is connected to a TV box. Shortly, it will provide the video-on-demand featured alongside TV programming.

These features are available in iPad’s version. Tivo is available for iPad for long time and many people have liked it. And now when the new features are included in this new version announced in 2011 NCTA cable show, let’s see how much downloads it gets with its new version.

Download TiVo app for FREE from iTunes.

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