Treemaker Mobile Game for Nokia N8

Treemaker game for Nokia N8
Treemaker mobile game has been released for Nokia N8 or any other Symbian^3 device. This is a casual puzzle/action game targeted for all mobile device users. Game design combines ideas from some of the most popular mobile games: It will have puzzles, platforms, ropes and physics. And everything implemented using the most efficient 3dgraphics technology available with fine tuned visuals and sounds.

Gameplay is fully optimized for Nokia N8. Player needs to learn only a few very basic functions to catch up the playing experience: aiming and swinging. Later on puzzles evolve into more challenging combinations of logic and correct motorics.You will control the main character ”Treemaker” by aiming a leaf-rope. After aiming, you jump and swing. Then you decide when to let go of the rope and try to hit the next platform without crashing into lethal objects. Level is completed when player has collected all the tree seeds found on the platforms. There grows a new
procedurally generated tree from each seed.

Download the game for FREE from ovi store.

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