10 Best Widgets for Android Phones

Best Android Widgets
Android users love widgets and they are wiling to get their hands on every good one that is available in the market. Here, we can make your selection easier as we have selected 10 best Android widgets for you:

Quick Battery
You can’t get your battery status better represented by anything than this widget. It’s not that much glamorous. But you will like to see your battery status in the way this widget shows you. You can also choose whatever you want to link with this widget. It can be any app or settings.

Audio Manager
Before this widget, you used to go through different screens to adjust the volume of your phone. But now, this has made things easier for you. With the help of this widget, you will be able to see the volume of everything in the form of bars and if you want to increase or decrease the volume, you just have to slide your finger on it.

It’s a great and simple Facebook widget for all the Facebook fans. You love to update your status and this widget cares about it. With the help of this widget, you can update your status and you can also see the recent status updates of your friends. It was never so easy. The widget is really simple and clean.

Google Reader
Google Reader is a simple yet nice widget. You can choose any individual element from the RSS feeds and this widget will provide you the feeds related to it. The app is not best looking but it is not bad either.

Tweet Deck
In this widget, there is a simple text box that you can use for posting on twitter and a horizontal line that contains messages and other stuff for multiple accounts. If you are a Twitter addict, you must try this widget.

Fancy Widget
A traditional and highly customizable clock is here. It’s the digital clock and you can change the colors, skins and many more. The best thing is that it is free and if you want to have more options, you should spend some cash to have it.

Aix Weather Widget
This modern widget is for you. If you want to know whether it’s raining near you or not? This widget will let you know about it. Temperature and weather conditions are represented amazingly. And you sure will like this widget.

S2 Calendar Widget 2
Your calendar will look great when you have this widget installed in your Android Phone. You can change the background if you want, edit fonts and many more. Get this widget now.

Picture Dial
If you don’t have a photo based dialer widget in your Android Phone, this is a must-have app for you. It will create nice dialer with photos of your contacts. You can text the one you always used to text as well as call someone whom you always keep in touch.

HTC Bookmarks
All HTC users! Put your phone’s home screen in some good use. And this widget will help you in doing that. You can put your desired bookmarks there and you can scroll the list easily.

To download any of the widgets mentioned above, just search for it in Android market on your phone.

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