100,000+ customers for Cricket’s Muve Music in just 5 Months

Cricket’s Muve Music
This scheme is getting popular and very popular day by day. It's giving benefits to both its customers and the carriers. You can look at its popularity by knowing that it's hardly five months that are passed, and almost 100,000 customers have tried it. Well, one more thing that may surprise you is that half of them are even new to Cricket. It's the first ever music service to be included as the part of wireless rate plan. 

There are some cool facts about it that you may want to know and you can guess why it's so popular. One of the facts is that a typical muve music customer spends about 2 to 3 hours in listening music. And there are only 1% customers that do not use their mobile to listen music. About 400 songs are downloaded by the customers per month and there are more than hundred million songs that are downloaded by the customers so far. 

Hundred million songs downloads in just five months is a great success. One more interesting fact is that about hundred million songs have been played during the Month of May only. And 2/3 customers have at least one ringtone and ringback tone set by using this service. Popularity does not come only by name but the services you provide and the effort that you put for it. And that is why this Muve Music service has become so much popular. All these facts and figures show that the service is worth-trying.

To know more about Cricket's Muve Music visit HERE.

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