3S TWEET app for Windows Mobile

3S TWEET app for windows phone
3S TWEET app for windows phone is a client for twitter. You can view and post tweets. You can also split into multiple pages to manage the timeline. For example, a page includes user's tweet that you always follow, or a page includes tweets having hashtag, or a page includes favorite tweet etc

When you view tweets list, you can recognize by color whether the tweet is your tweet or mention or unread. 

Some of the features of the app are:
  • You can split your timeline into multiple pages.
  • Support multi-account.
  • Send images to TweetPhoto (Plixi). Shorten URLs.
  • Tweets list is colored by state of tweet. (read, unread, own tweet, mention)
  • Easy insert hash tags.
Download the app for $0.99 from windows marketplace.

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