Apple surpasses Nokia as World’s Leading Smartphone Manufacturer

Apple surpasses Nokia
For many years, Nokia was known in the market as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer but things have changed and Apple is now the leading smartphone manufacturer. Yes, it’s true.

During the last year, the apple was at the 2nd number in the world wide smartphone shipments against other smartphone manufacturers. And the report tells us that the Apple is shipping more iPhones than Nokia during the 3rd quarter of 2010. There’s a decrease in the market for Nokia over the last few years. Will the Nokia decide about their next step? Because I am sure, they are not happy with this decrease. According to the Financial Times, 20+ million iPhones had been shipped in the last year’s third quarter and there was a 34% decrease in Nokia handset’s sales as only 16.7 million handsets were sold during the third quarter of the last year. Why Nokia is quite with all of this? May be, they are planning for some big thing in the near future.

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