BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Available with New Features

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0
There were some talks about the launch of the BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 and that were true. Blackberry Messenger 6.0 is available now. Many of us know about most of its features because it was available in the BETA version before. The main feature is that it allows the third party apps to connect with the BlackBerry Messenger.

There are many compatible apps and many are going to be compatible in the near future. There are other new features that are included in this awesome 6.0 version like you can share locations and other things with your friends etc. However, there are a lot of instant messaging clients that are now available for your BlackBerry. What the developers have to do is to make something different and unique from others so that the other BlackBerry users will prefer BBM over all other IM clients. What we want now is something more than just a client. Let’s see when such features will be added in the BlackBerry Messenger in the future. But for the people, who prefer this app on other IM clients should download it today.

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