Download Plug the Wire HD Game for iPad Free

This highly addictive puzzle game is available for iPad. Have you played “Pipe Mania”? This is the same type of game. In this game you have to lay the pipelines from sources to consumers. The first part was “Gas Tycoon 2 HD”. If you played and liked it, you’ll like this game for sure.

This game is even more interesting, more beautiful and more advanced than its previous version. Once you start playing it, you’ll play it for hours. Some features have changed like the playing field is increased and it’s now 7x10 cells. If you are bored watching the same skin every time you play ,the game has 11 other skins for you that includes “Gas Tycoon”, “Oil tycoon”, “Railroad Tycoon”, "Bamboo Tubes", ""Halloween", "World of Oil", "Railroad Tycoon", "Water World", ”Flying Land” , "Merry Xmas".

The graphics are awesome and the UI is really simple and easy. On the contrary, the game play is not so easy. Difficulty is not the same for each level. There are currently 8 level packs x 50 levels and they will be adding more in the near future.
Plug the Wire HD Game for iPad
You don’t have to pay a penny to download it except for your internet connection charges. It’s free. Download Plug the Wire HD App for iPad FREE from iTunes.

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