Facebook App for iPad Details & Screenshots

iPad users were waiting for the official Facebook App from a very long time and when Facebook announced that they are going to announce something awesome, all the iPad users got excited. Well, July is going to end and we have not heard even an official word about the launch of Facebook app. Well, TechCrunch has something to share with us regarding it as they have discovered the code for the official iPad app that was hidden in the code of iPhone App. Let’s see what it is.

As the news has leaked, the software is coming really soon. The Facebook has really something awesome for the Apple Tablets. In the app, there will be a left-side menu that will let you do all of your social networking quite easily. Flip your tablet horizontally and you will see a list of your friends that are available for chat as well as you can chat with them, too. Well, all of us (including Facebook) know that iPad has a large screen and Facebook will use it quite well. What TechCrunch has revealed is that the photos and the places on the iPad’s big screen look very cool.

Possibly these are the features that will be included in the Facebook’s official app for iPad but these things are not for sure. When it will be officially announced, there is a chance that it may be a little different from this or it may be quite as same as we have told you or it may be absolutely different. We can’t say anything for sure about it but there is a pretty good chance that it will be very similar to as what we have told you.


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