Free WP7 apps from Orange UK till July end

Orange WP7 apps
Yes, you have heard it right. Orange UK, in collaboration with Microsoft is offering free WP7 apps till the end of July.  It doesn't matter whether you are a monthly customer or pay as you go, you will have a benefit of it. The offer is for specific apps and games. The case is different than you think as Orange will create the initial list and users will vote for the app they want to see in this offer. The apps with most votes will win. 

Well, that is really good news for all the WP7 users as they are going to get the most popular paid WP7 apps for free. And that will surely enhance your smartphone experience. We think that the Microsoft has taken this step to enhance the use of its WP7 devices. Well, they should have to if they want it to appear as a big rival for iOS and Android and if such offers come in the future, it will not be surprising. Microsoft is really taking steps to advertise their WP7 and no doubt, their efforts are giving them what they want. WP7 devices are getting popular day by day and we might see a day in the near future when Microsoft's OS will be considered as the best among all the mobile Operating systems.

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