Google Shopper 1.5 for iPhone allows you to find near-by deals.

Google Shopper app 1.5 for iPhone has been released. There are two more tabs that are now included in the Google Shopper’s latest version. They are called “Offers” and “My Offers”.
This version of Google Shopper is currently available for the iPhone users who have iOS 4 or higher. In the “Offers” tab, you’ll be able to see different deals and offers which different businesses have submitted via Google Places. Now that sounds really cool. You don’t have to go to the shops to see what the deals they are offering but instead, you just have to start this app on your mobile.
Google Shopper
In the “My Offers” tab, you can save the offers for recent use. For example there’s an offer for free T-Shirt and you don’t have a time to go and use this offer. Don’t worry; you can save it in the “My Offers” tab for the future use. Google Offers are currently available in San Francisco bay Area, Portland, New York and Oregon. These are for now but the Google will update this feature really soon and more and more cities will be covered in couple of days. If you are currently a user of Google Shopper and you are living in US or UK and your phone is running iOS 1.4 (or higher), you’ll automatically receive an update. Download “Google Shopper” from the App Store FREE.

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