Hitachi Creating 4.5 Inch 3D LCD Screens with 720p resolution

Hitachi 3D Screens
qHD screens are trendy now-a-days but the people need advancement. We can’t use qHD for our whole life. Hitachi has understood this thing and has made an advancement. I am talking about Hitachi’s latest innovation that is a 3D, 4.5 inches screen with 1280 X 720 resolution, 77% more pixels than on a qHD screen.

The display is bright and we’ll be seeing it in the future in many smartphones. May be, it will be the strongest rival iPhone has ever seen.

When there is 720p and no-glasses 3D viewing, I think that’s what people want. There is micro array of individual lenses on the screen that directs the light into the user’s eye and it results in the brighter picture, a much brighter display than on HTC 3D EVO or LG Optimus 3D. Hitachi is seemed to be making advancement and they are step ahead than others when you talk about the display. It will take some time till it make place in the market.

The main specifications of the newly developed 3D LCD:
  • LCD Panel Size: Type 4.5 (11cm diagonal)
  • Display size:  55.512 (width) × 98.688 (vertical) mm
  • Display Pixels:  1280 × 720 × (RGB) dots (HD)
  • Brightness (when displaying 2D):  400 cd / m 2
  • Brightness (when displaying 3D):  470 cd / m 2

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