HotelTonight app for Android released

HotelTonight app for Android
HotelTonight app lets you book a room on a discounted rate for a night. There are three types of hotels from which you can choose. Types are basic, elegant and hip. If traveling is an essential part of your life, and if you need a room at the last-minute, you should install this app.

This app was released for iPhone first and now it’s released for the Android. The app is quite neat and smooth and you’ll not find the things messed up with in the app. The prices offered are pretty good but you can’t compare it with the discount that was offered when this was launched for the iPhone. The Hotel Tonight app is not an app to miss. On the iPhone platform, this app became pretty much popular and it even did get quite high ratings and good reviews. Now, as this app has launched for the Android, let’s see how much good reviews the Android fans will give to it. So, if you are a businessman or you like to travel a lot, this is a must-have app for you. Download this app today from the Android Market.

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