How to Install Facebook on Jailbroken iPad?

We mentioned yesterday that the Facebook for iPad was leaked via hidden code that was in the Facebook app for iPhone. Now, we’ll tell you how you can actually install it in your iPad. There was a method that you could use to install Facebook in your tablet but unfortunately Facebook was somehow able to block it. Don’t worry. There is another way.

If you have an iPad 2 and are on firmware 4.3.4, this is not for you and if you are on firmware 4.3.3 or earlier, you are lucky.
Install Facebook on Jailbroken iPad
First make sure that your iPad is Jailbroken. Than download the Facebook app for iPhone from the app store. After that, go to the Cydia and download the app “Faceforward”. Install it and when installation finishes, hit the “restart SpringBoard”. After performing above steps, simply start Facebook app on your iPad and you’ll see that it is optimized.

However, it is not yet confirmed whether it will be the Official version by Facebook or not. Still, you can enjoy the Facebook app and you don’t have to wait for that official release.

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