HP Touchpad gets Sporting News Pro Baseball App

Sporting News Pro Baseball App for HP Touchpad
Sporting News Pro Baseball App for HP Touchpad was launched by the Sporting News and zumboi. The app is great for the Basetball fans as they will be able to continuously stay in touch with their favorite game. On the HP Touchpad large screen, it will be more fun to enjoy this app. You can check the scores; watch the standings of your favorite teams and a lot more. There is a personalized scrollbar for you where you can add your favorite teams so that you can keep an eye on their standings and performances easily.

There are lot more features that you can see when you will install it. The app also has integration with the world’s largest social network Facebook. So, when ever you find some news worthy to be shared, you can share it easily with the help of this app. The app is connected to twitter too. It features the content from the teams of National Leagues as well as American leagues.

There are a lot more things to discuss about this app. But you should have to find out yourself. Install this app and get connected to the world of Baseball like you were never before. The app does not even cost a penny you can download it FREE from the HP webOS catalog.

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