HTC Omega Specs has Leaked

HTC Omega Specs
HTC’s yet another device specs has leaked. According to the leaked news, this HTC device, codenamed “Omega” will have a 3.8 inch screen. This is not all. There will be 1.5 GHz single-core Qualcomm processor in it. It will be running WP7 Mango OS. The RAM will be 512 MB and it will have a 3G, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity. There will be GPS, 16GB of internal memory and 3.5mm Headset Jack. The camera will be of 8 Megapixel with 720HD video recording and LED flash.

There is no news about when this is going to be launched. May be they will launch it in the fall when the Windows Phone Mango devices are coming in the market. But we can’t say it for sure. In the near future, we’ll tell you if we hear a word regarding its launch. We’ll get the photos of Omega, in the next couple of days but for now, we only have the specs info and the fact that it will be launched under HTC’s logo.

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