iPad Apps of the Day: The Marbians HD, Roads of Rome HD, Mad Wheels HD

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The Marbians HD
The Marbians is a unique and awesome puzzle game available for the iPad users. In this game, you’ll be controlling the Marbians that will collect the moon rocks, bonuses etc and than they will reach to their UFO homes. If you want some high points, you have to smack the Marbians on the wall with higher speed. This game is also integrated with Facebook so that you can share your high scores and let your friends know how many trophies you got. There are a total of 72 puzzling levels for you.
You can download and play the first 6 levels for free and if you want to get more fun of it, you will have to pay to get its full version.
Roads of Rome HD
Here’s another great game for the iPad users. A brave Romanian General, Victorius, fell in love with Ceaser’s daughter. Caesar has other plans for his daughter. Caesar sends the general miles away to build a wide network of roads. Victorius has to complete this task as this is the only option he has to marry the Ceaser’s daughter.
There are 40 great levels included in the game. The graphics are awesome and the game is highly addictive. Sound effects are also amazing. Let them know that you are the best Roman legionary in the whole empire. There are 4 mini games that are included with it but all of them are locked. You can unlock them by playing the game. Are you ready to help the Victorius?
Roads of Rome HD is not free but you have to pay $2.99 to download it.
Roads of Rome HD
Mad Wheels HD
Mad Wheels HD is available for iPad. Get an awesome arcade-racing experience. If you think that high speed is not just enough for you, you can use the firepower. Win the championships or play against your friends if the Wi-Fi connection is available. You can also use the destructive weapons to blast away your opponents. Every vehicle has its own destructive power.
If you think you are a good player, take part in the championships. By winning in championship mode, you will be able to get medals. Collect the power-ups on your way. If you love the arcade racing, this is definitely a must-have game for you.
Mad Wheels HD costs $1.99. Download it today and experience the fun like you never did before.
Mad Wheels HD

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