Nokia Ovi Store hits 50,000 apps

Nokia Ovi Store
We previously discussed how Nokia sales went down in the third quarter of the last year but there is good news, too. The Ovi store has now 50,000+ apps. MBB (Mobile Business Briefing) reports tell us that the “Ovi apps” downloads per day has increased up to 6.5 millions. Looks like Nokia has finally something to cheer up.

No doubt, the news is really good but Nokia is still far behind Apple and Android in this thing. There are 425,000 apps in the App Store and Android Market has 250,000 apps. Nokia has to do a lot better. WP7 Marketplace contains about 27,000 apps. So, Nokia is not at the last.

Nokia has a very large user base around the world, approximately 225 million users. Apple and Android had more smartphones sales than Nokia but Nokia is still very dominant in the market. Nokia will be soon going to launch the Nokia N9.

Nokia N9 will be a MeeGo based device. Nokia also restated its vision that the QT based apps will run on both Symbian and MeeGo devices but it will not run on WP7 devices. Well, this is bad and if it starts running on WP7, these apps will be more popular but Nokia knows what they are doing. May be they have some other future plans that they have not discussed with anyone. Nokia recently launched some devices that were powered by Anna OS but there is news that the Nokia is going to shift its focus to the new platform and do you know which Platform? The answer is “Windows Phone 7”.

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