Official Tour de France 2011 Mobile game for Android, BlackBerry devices

Official Tour de France 2011 Mobile game
Tour de France was first launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch users. It included different riders with different styles. The gameplay is awesome and the interface is quite smooth and easy. Here, we have to tell you that it’s no more available only for iPhone and iPod Touch but you can now have it on your Android and Blackberry devices.

This is an official game. In this game you have to manage and assemble the cyclists competing in the tour. Thomas (Yellow Jersey Holder) and Mark (Green Jersey Holder) are also in the game. There are various strategies that you can use to win like drafting, relaying, sprinting etc. All of the 21 stages of the Tour De France are here in this game. The game contains so many features and it’s not very much different than the real one except you have to use your fingers instead of your feet.

The game is not available for free but there are different prices for different platforms. If you are using BlackBerry, you can get it for $3.99 and if you are an Android user, you can have it for $3.42.

Download the game for BlackBerry from appworld.

Download the game for Android from market or Appbrain.

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