PanAmp offering a new way to play music on iOS

Panamp The Music Player for iPhone
Some things are there that we do not like in the iOS, Music app(iPod app) is also one of them. Neither it’s inspiring nor do the users enjoy much using this app. Simple is that this app is lacking some excitement and some basic features. All these things have let the app fall down on the popularity graph. But here’s news for you that you will like.

Pan-Amp app has been released in the appatore and it is expected to be gaining attention of the iOS fans. You can easily make custom playlists and you can queue up the songs as well and you will find it easy. And when you want more options or you want to view the information of the song, you just have to swipe left to right. PanAmp duplicated the iPod app. You can guess it by knowing that it also uses your music library.

The App is not expensive either. You can buy it easily. It will cost you $2.99 only. Well, some of you expected it to be free but unfortunately, it is not free right now. But what they will do, we can’t say anything about it.

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