Scrabble Game for Android Updated with New Features

Scrabble Game for Android
Official scrabble game by EA for your android device has been updated. It’s the wordplay you’ve been waiting for! Now play america’s favorite word game on your android smartphone – and play for free. Featuring cross-platform play, you can play scrabble with friends across different devices, including iPhones!

Some of the features of the game are:
  • Connect with friends in multiple way
  • With real cross-platform play, you can challenge fellow word warriors on other android devices, iphones/ipod touches, and even facebook.
  • Play up to 50 games at once
  • Socialize and stay in the game! During gameplay, the chat icon will blink when you have a message.
  • Learn as you go with the teacher feature
  • Track your stats and see how you did
Download the scrabble game for FREE from Android market.

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