Skype Comes To Facebook, Mobile Version soon?

Skype Comes To Facebook
World’s most used VoIP service,Skype had integrated with the World’s largest Social Network “Facebook”. Recently Skype has just launched a teaser page of Skype Version 5.3 that has assured that Facebook and Skype are aimed to provide the best service. Zuckerberg gave us “Facebook” and he hasn’t disappointed us. Now, this feature is going to make Skype and Facebook a bit more interesting.

Facebook has reached up to 750 million users and no doubt, it’s increasing day by day. Now the Facebook users will be able to have a group chat as well as Skype-enabled video chat with their friends. You can video call your Facebook friends by using your existing Skype account. Not only that, Tony and Zuck are also working to launch it for 70 different languages. You will also like the new chat design that is scalable to your browser size. It does not look like that this partnership is going to end in the near future. And when the best VoIP and largest social network combines, you can expect much greater things to happen.

Well, you can try this on your own. One more thing that you want to know is that this service has not been launched for the mobiles yet and we don’t know how long it will take as we have not heard any official words from any of them about it except “We’ll see.”

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