Summify App for iPhone summarizes all your social networks news

Summify App for iPhone
Summify App for iPhone is a service that creates a periodic summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader), and delivers it on your mobile device.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • All in one place: We aggregate content shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader (more to come)
  • Top stories: You never feel overwhelmed because we only show you the top 5-10 relevant stories
  • Notifications: There's no need to constantly open the application, we let you know when a new summary has arrived
  • Content inline: See the full content of stories extracted from RSS
  • Share: Broadcast interesting stories on all of your networks at once
  • Offline: Works without an Internet connection
  • Social discovery: Peek at other people's summaries using the Featured list and see what others are reading
Download the app for FREE from iTunes.

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