T-Mobile G-Slate 200 Times faster than the iPad 2!

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet
When you go to a shop to buy a tablet and the seller tells you to buy a new tablet instead of your preferred one, you don’t believe him but when a company like T-Mobile tells you that G-Slate Tablet is 200 times faster than the iPad 2, you just can’t ignore it. Let me tell you one thing more, there was tests conducted at 30 different locations and they proved that the 4G HSPA+ speed of G-Slate was 200 times faster than iPad 2 and 300 times than the Xoom. Believe it or not, but this is true. If you want to check it, you should visit the T-Mobile USA official website.

Another interesting thing is that it’s not expensive than iPhone and Xoom. You can get the iPad 2 by paying $799 and you can get the Xoom for $599 on contract and $800 off contract. This one may surprise you but the G-Slate only costs $399 on contract for 2 years or you can get it off contract for just $599.

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