T-Mobile G2X available for FREE as Launch Offer

T-Mobile G2X available for FREE
T-Mobile G2X did not have an issue free existence when it was launched back in CTIA. There were many problems in it and it was pulled by T-Mobile after sometime. This happened due to freezes and reboots. That was the past and the manufacturer really tried hard to solve these issues and finally had succeeded. Now, The T-Mobile G2X is back in stock and amazing news is that it will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Now, that’s really cool.

There is good news for you. T-Mobile has decided to celebrate the reappearance of its phone. So, you can get it now for free of cost. Yes, that’s right. This offer is web-only and it will last till July 28, 2011. It’s really great news as the price is $199 less than that of its price. So, if you didn’t purchase a smartphone because of the fact that they are too expensive, here’s your chance to get one and at a very low price. Well, of course you have to sign the 2-year contract to get it. But I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

This is probably the best deal available in the market right now. It’s not everyday that you get a smartphone at this low price. There is not enough time left. So, Hurry up. Grab it today before it’s too late.

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