Turn your iPad or iPhone into a Wireless Mouse/Touchpad and Keyboard!

Remote Mouse for iPhone iPad
Multi-Touch Trackpad on Macintosh laptops are available that allows you easier and convenient navigation. If you want to use the Trackpad features on your iPhone or iPad , you can use some of them and they will operate in the same way as they do on the Macintosh laptops.

There is an app for it, known as “Remote Mouse”. The app is free and it is created by Zeng Rong. To download this app, just go to the App Store and search for this app like any other app. The app has got many positive reviews and it’s very reliable. If you want a faster download, download it when you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Before starting the process, you have to install an app on your PC, too. The name is same as it’s for the iOS devices. PC version and Mac version, both are available. But here, let’s go ahead with the PC version.
Install this app in your PC and in your mobile. The PC version is very small in size and you can start it from the Quick Launch on your Taskbar. When you have installed it on your PC, start it and make sure that the Auto Run option is checked. Once you have done it, start the app on your phone.

When you start it, it will ask if you want to read the manual first, just tap “No, Thank You” and than click the “Auto Connect button”. There you will see a Trackpad and a keyboard. You can use the app in both portrait and landscape mode. The buttons that you see are left and right mouse buttons. The smaller center button is scroll button. The app will work completely fine. Remember this is not the full version. If you want the full version, you have to purchase this app and you have to pay $1.99 for it.

Download the app and software for Remote Mouse from HERE.

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