10 Best iPhone Apps Released Last Week

Check out the 10 newest best iPhone apps released recently:

Silent Ops
In this game, you can play as a 3 different agents. All three of them have their own special abilities. You are working for a secret organization and your mission is to save the humanity from the threats of the 21st century. There are 7 different levels and these cannot be mastered easily. Hong Kong, Dubrovnik, Capri and Geneva are the target places. The game costs $6.99.
FastEver Share
Have you used Evernote? Are you a regular user of it? If yes, this is a must-have app for you. This app lets you share your Evernote note with your friends using Bump technology. This app is available in 17 different languages. You should try it now. You can download it from the App store for free.
Don’t get caught by Professor Dhoum. There will be obstacles in your way but you have to clear them in order to win. The graphics are awesome and the touch control is really smooth. There are also locked bonuses available. Unlock them by showing your skills in the game.
Heli-Awesome is available for just $0.99. Get it now.
Roboto is an action-packed game and it has HD graphics. The control is smooth and easy. There are 30 levels that you have to clear. Extra mini games are also included. There are power ups, coins and upgrades on the way. Get them all. Discover the Galaxy with Roboto.
Download this game today. It costs $2.99 only.
Now, this is a really cool and unique app that is worth sharing. You can control the whole app with gestures. Yes, that’s true. The app uses the front camera of your phone for this. It has 48-presets that are built in. Share the music using Wi-Fi, email or SoundCloud.
The app is also not very expensive. You can get it for $2.99. I think you should download this app.
Bonkheads HD
PC version of Bonkheads was launched very long time ago. I played it and I was addicted to it. Bonkheads is now available for the iPhone, too. Grag and Thog are the two trolls and you have to assist them to stop the hordes of attacking pests. Play game, have fun and earn the achievements.
It is available for $2.99 only.
Google +
Most of you were waiting for the Google+ release and it is finally arrived in the market. The UI is advanced and you can chat with your friends using Google +. The app is fully optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Some complains are there about the bugs but it will get fixed really soon.
Download this app for $0.99 only.
It was never so easy to let your friends know where you are right now. Use this app to send your current location to your friends or any person who is in your contact list. You friend will receive a flare that will be as a normal text message but it will contain the link of your current whereabouts.
This app is priced at $0.99.
Mad Wheels
Do everything that it takes to win the race in this 3D game. Shoot other players and destroy them. This is what it takes to become victorious in this game. Different weapons are available for you that you can use against your opponents like firing missiles, machine guns or even dropping mines. Steer, race, shoot and beware of your opponents. There are shortcuts in almost every track. Use them or try the boosters to speed up. Challenge mode is available and when you get bored, you can play in Wi-Fi multiplayer mode.
Mad Wheels costs $0.99 only.
Gesundheit is another awesome and the newest game for your iPhone. Rescue your friends who are capture by the monsters who attacked your village. The controls of the game are smooth and this game is available in English and four other languages. Download it for $0.99.

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