5 Best Free Android Puzzle Games

Check out the 5 Free Best Android Puzzle Games: 

Every one of you knows about this game. It’s a very old puzzle game. Most of you have played it on your paper when you were in school. Ok, if you have played it on paper, you don’t need to waste any more pages now. Instead, go to the Android Market and download this game in your Android device.
Bubble Burst Free
It’s addictive. It’s a strategy game and it’s available for free. Make a large group of bubbles and when you are doing that, you have to burst the bubbles of the other color. You will get points depends on how large group of bubbles you have made. It’s easy at first but as you continue to play, it will get tougher and tougher.
Slide puzzle
In this game, there will be15 pieces and you need to arrange them to make a complete picture. This is an amazing puzzle game and many of you probably have played it but you’ll enjoy it on Android. So, do you want some real fun? It’s an addictive game and is worth-playing. Check it out.
Alchemy is another amazing game for you. You know there are four basic elements on the Earth and they are fire, Earth, water and air. What you have to do in this game is to combine the basic elements with their products to form new elements like life, bear and many more. The graphics of this game are just awesome. Don’t forget to try it.
Chess for Android
Chess is a mind game and it’s really tough. When you play it, you have to play it with full concentration otherwise you’ll lose. You’ll enjoy it more on your Android device. Your can play with computer or with other human. Let’s see how well you can play against computer.

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