5 Best Photography Apps for iPhone

Best iPhone Photo apps
Check out the 5 Best Photography Apps for iPhone:

This is one of the best photo apps for iPhone. It already has 7 million users and if you haven’t installed it yet, you should do that now. Instagram lets you make your photo more awesome by applying different filters on it including Palaroid camera, Lomography Lens etc. You can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many other sites. You can also share it on Instagram so that others can like it there.
Instagram is still available for free.

GLMPS is another amazing app that was released in August. The thing that makes this app unique from others is that it also captures some seconds before the photo is taken. In this way, you’ll never forget the picture that you took and the moments that led up to the shot.

Some of you like to take pictures in the night and talking about iPhone, it’s not very good in it. ClairVue can do the work for you. It Brightens up the Phone’s Viewfinder and helps you to take pictures in the dark. However, quality is slightly reduced but I think that’s not a big deal. Is it?

Adobe Photoshop Express
When we talk about editing pictures, how can we forget Adobe Photoshop Express? The iPhone version is in the iTunes and it has all the basic features including, rotation, crop, adjusting brightness and many more. It’s easy to use and you can edit your pictures in a lot of different ways.

Self Camera
You want to take a picture with your friends and there is no one around who can take the photo. Install self camera and you have the solution of this problem. This will automate the process and put your camera on a delay timer. The app works for both front and rear camera.

To download any of the app mentioned above, just search for it in iTunes on your phone.

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