5 Must-have iPhone Travel Apps

Check out the 5 must have travel apps for your iPhone:

Travel Tracker Pro
The app is a bit expensive but it also provides you the unique and awesome features. It is just like a Travel agent for your phone. You can know about the local weather, your reservations and many other things that you need to know while you are travelling. The UI is quite friendly.
The app costs $9.99. Planning to travel? This time, take this app with you.
Taxi Magic
You don’t have to wait for your cab to arrive anymore. Install this app and it will show you the cab approaching you in the map. If you don’t have cash, you also need not to worry about it. Charge the cab by your credit card through your iPhone and you can continue your travel on an e-receipt. I never thought it will become so easy.
Sometimes, you want to go to different places and you don’t have much time to check where the places actually are. Install TripDoc and you will be able to quickly see the routes that you will use. You can also see whether a public transit will get you there or you have to pay to the taxi driver. Check this app out for yourself.
If you love to travel, you should have to keep a good currency converter with you. And if you don’t know about any good one, we’d tell you. This app is for you. This app can convert currencies of 100 countries. And you can upgrade this app when you are connected to the internet. If you have not installed it yet, I suggest you should do that now.
Now, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have very much knowledge about business or anything. Install this app and you can tell the others more than you currently know. Whether there is a businessman in front of you or you are negotiating with a cab driver, this app will let you talk to them more easily and thoroughly. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection that is also not a problem.

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