5 New Windows Phone 7 Apps Released last week!

windows phone 7 new apps
Check out the 5 Newest windows phone 7 apps released last week:

You can chat with all of your friends from different social networks with this app. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LastFM, LiveJournal, MySpace, Bebo, Blogger, Wordpress, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, MyWorld, rss, are supported. You can even post any news, photos and links on all of the websites or on any one you want. Now you don’t have to open several browsers to check your every account on several sites. All you need is Qiss.IM.
Now-a-days, everyone loves to be on a social network and if you have a WP7 device, this is a must-have app for you.

5 Big Traits
Do you know what kind of a personality you have? Install this app and it will help you find the answer of this question. You can discover the five basic personality factors known as OCEAN. How Open, conscientious, Extraverted, Agreeable and Neurotic you are. This app simple has some question in it. Answer them and you are done. Do you want to know more about yourself? Install the app today.

This book was written by Mortimer L Menpses and available in 16 color plates. He was none other than the ‘Leading Artist’ of the Dutch golden age. This book is in full-length.
This app is quite easy and simple to use. You don’t have to open any book reader and search for this book to start reading it. Simply, install this app and open it and it will show you this book. Easily scroll and you can start reading it from where you left it. Table of contents are also available. I hope when you’ll start reading it, you’ll definitely like it.

When you are somewhere, where there is no light and you only have your phone in your hand. What will you do? What you need at that time is a torch or we have another solution for you. Install this app. You can use your device as a Flashlight. There are different colors and you can choose anyone you want.

This app can help you in managing your favorite websites right from your phone. Create different categories and add any links you want in them. So, you don’t have to worry if your PC was not with you. LinkBook will definitely change the way you browse the web on your phone.

To download any of the apps mentioned above, just search for it in windows market place on your mobile.

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