5 Productivity Apps for Apple iPad2

iPad2 Productivity apps
Check out the 5 Productivity Apps for iPad2:

Text Dictation
Android Honeycomb already includes the voice-dictation software that is out of the box and users can easily dictate text directly into the software. Unfortunately, iOS does not possess any feature like it. You can install the Dragon Dictation in order to do this task. Anyone who is using voice-recognition software for a long time on pc will be familiar with it. iOS is not that much supportive for this app so you first have to dictate the text and then you can copy and paste the text in any app you want.

Remember the Milk
This app is really simple. If you want to just write the things you have to be done, you may not get any better app than this. It’s available for iPad and the iPad version is quite awesome. It’s less attractive on the Android tablets but it’s not bad-looking there either. 10-inches screen lets you use this app more easily and smoothly.

Apple mail supports Gmail but many of you are bored using that old interface. We want something new. The developers of Ginbox knew about it and they have introduced a terrific alternative for you. Ginbox is a great app for your iPad. It’s not just for one Gmail account but you can log in multiple accounts at a time. The app has a very beautiful interface and you’ll definitely like it. It’s simple and easy to use.

Readdle Calendars
The calendar of iPad is good, no doubt. But if you have used the Google Calendars, you might not be satisfied with this calendar. If this is the case, you must download the Readdle Calenders. This app quickly syncs with Google Calenders. Not only that, you can even track your tasks with this app. Readdle Calendars is little expensive but once you have purchased it; you’ll not feel like you have wasted your money. It costs $7.

Sometimes when you are focusing on a task, you might need a timer for it so that you’ll be able to know how much time you can give to that specific chore. If this is the case, you need to install Pomodoro. It’s specifically designed for this thing. You can use any interval you like. The app also has got attractive looks. Pomodoro costs $6 but I think when it’s designed for such an important thing, you can purchase it.

To download any of the apps above, search for it in iTunes on your phone.

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