BMW's Ultimate Drive app for iOS and Android Released

BMW's Ultimate Drive app
BMW’s Ultimate Drive is a new app, available in the App store and the Android Market for all the BMW fans. It’s for iPhone and Android users and you can share your favorite routes with this app. The app uses GoogleMaps for it. The app is really easy to use. Install it and it will allow you to find the location and also displays the stretches of road. You can share it on Facebook or via email with your friends.

BMW group have said that they are going to work more on this app and soon it will be available for MINI motoring brands. It’s not only for 2 or 3 countries but users over 50 countries can use this app. Future updates will make this app more beautiful and awesome.

The best thing that all iPhone and BMW fans will like is that it’s available for free. What about Android users? O! You also don’t have to pay a penny for it. It’s free for you, too. Download this app today and let the world know your favorite routes.

Download the app for iPhone from HERE and for Android Phones from HERE.

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