HTC Flyer: 15 Best Android Applications

HTC Flyer Best Android Apps
Check out the 15 best applications you need to install on your HTC Flyer Android Tablet:

Kindle is a great and wonderful eReader which has a collection of about 750,000 digital books. Some books are free and you can buy some by cash. Kindle is the best eReader for your Android device and if you have not installed it yet, I suggest you should do that now.

Pandora Internet Radio
There are a number of Radio applications available for your Android device but none of them is as good as Pandora. Install Pandora, create account and choose your favorite artist or band. Pandora will create a custom station for you. If you love the music and your Android device, you must download this app right now.

Amazon Appstore
There are a lot of apps available in the Android market but the true app lovers always look for options. Amazon knows that and that’s why Amazon Appstore is available for all the Android users. There are many apps and offers. One of the most amazing offers is that you can get one paid app for free everyday.

Poynt is the app that you have to keep in your tablet. This app will find your location by your GPS or you can write the location by your own and the app will tell you the retailers, businesses, restaurants and many other things near you. Also find local movie theatres and purchase the tickets via your Android tablet. Great!

Amazon MP3
When you are looking for the songs to download in your Android tablet, you don’t have to search different browsers. Amazon MP3 is here for you. Free “Songs of the day” is an amazing offer and you can download the songs without giving any cash to them. You can also get access to your Amazon cloud music.

Twitter’s official app is the best app for you. The app has a very appealing and user friendly interface and you’ll surely like it. There are, no doubt, many other apps that are more advanced than this one but you’ll not find the basic features like they are available in this app anywhere else.

Now, most of you know about the DropBox. You can get 2GB of free space and you can upload anything you want. Later, you can access the files from anywhere. If you have not downloaded it yet, download it now.

IMDb Movies and TV
If you have an Android tablet, this is the app for you. Watch the trailer of any movie you want or find their show times. There are almost 1.5 million Movie/TV titles in this app and you can search the profiles of about 3.2 millions celebs, directors etc and you’ll find more when you’ll install it.

Angry Birds
This app was first available on iPhone and due to its popularity; it’s available on many other mobile platforms. No doubt, this is the most popular game available. Download it now!

Download Google+ app and you’ll find all the features that are available on the Desktop Google+ page. Update your status or upload your photos. Check your streamline and many more with this Google+ app.

Google Earth
Google Earth is free and if you have Flyer, you should download it right now. It runs very smoothly on Flyer and you can also plan routes and search for the landmarks. Google Earth is worth downloading.

You have to pay to get this app. Check departures and arrivals of your flight. See your plane as an icon. Flights of more than 400 airports and 1400 planes can be checked using this app.

SoundHound is one of the best apps for your Android device. Turn on this app and bring the recorded music near mic and SoundHound will tell you about the name of the artist and other related info about the song.

Angry Birds Rio
We told you about the Angry Birds and this is its next version. It’s addictive and fun. Rescue the Blu and Jewel in each level. Mechanics are same as its original version.

Air Attack HD
Control the two classic planes. Detailed maps are available and this game looks awesome when you play it on your HTC Flyer. Fight and face the bosses at the end of each level.

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