iPad Games of the Day: European War 2, Ramses HD, Demolition Master 3D

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European War 2 for iPad
This game is on the background of World War II and you will be competing for different territories. 200 sea and land areas are there from the 28 European countries. There are three types of troops that you can use and there are tanks, Artillery and soldiers. Every troop has some benefit over the other so you can’t just discard anyone. Not only that but the attribute of arms are also different for different countries. Germany Tanks are very powerful and they are available for high price. The navy of Britain is excellent.
The game has two different modes. Conquest mode is the one in which you can choose one country from the 12 of the Axis Powers and the Allies. You can make your country stronger and powerful to dominate on the whole Europe. The other mode is known as the battle mode in which there are 16 battles for you. Autosave option is also there.
There is 67% off on it. It’s a limited time offer. Get it for $0.99 only.
Ramses HD
The pharaoh has collected all his treasure to transfer it to a safe place and that safe place is in his pyramids so that no one can get their hands on it. Now, you have to help him to find his treasures back. This great puzzle game is addictive and you really should play it.
The game has quality graphics and some awesome HD animation. You can compete against four of your friends in this game or you can choose the computer to play against you. When you are playing against the computers, there are different difficulty levels. The game is really simple even no setup is required. You can play it directly by tapping the ‘Play’ button. If you don’t understand how to play, there are in-game help-features that you can use.
You can get Ramses HD from the iTunes App store for just $4.99.
Demolition Master 3D HD
In this game, you are a Demolition Master and you can handle the tasks that very few people can handle. You have to travel in different continents, across different countries. Work is waiting for you and all you have to do is DEMOLISH. There are many ambitious projects ahead. Let’s roll!
This game is a sequel of Demolition Master. Don’t you know about it? It already has a lot of fans from all over the world. Well, the game is in 3D. I think you know how well the graphics will be. If you want to listen about it from me, the graphics are awesome. There are 70 levels in the game and you can use 4 types of explosives, each different from the other. There are leaderboards. See who is on the top and if you want to be there, you should have to master it. The game is highly addictive and once you started playing it, you will find yourself playing it for hours.
You can get it for just $2.99. DEMOLISH! YEAH!

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