iPhone 5 to be announced on Sep 7th?

iPhone 5
We are waiting for too long for the release of iPhone 5 and I think the day is very near. Apple’s next live event is going to take place in September. The date is expected to be 7th. We have heard very much about iPhone 5 and I think it’s the time to finally launch it and may be Apple have realized that, too. However, these are not the official words and there is a chance that we have to wait more. Some rumors are that new iPad will be announced at this event but this is least expected.

In 7th September or roughly around those days, the iTunes music event took place in the last year. There are other smartphones coming in the market in the next month or so and it seems like if iPhone 5 is announced in September, it has to face some of its greatest rivals. I am pretty excited about iPhone 5’s launch and many of you are, too. Let’s see what Apple will have for us in this live event. iPhone 5’s launch is the main thing everyone is excited about.

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