iPhone Apps for Arsenal Lovers

I am going to mention some iPhone apps here that Arsenal fans must download so that they can stay in touch with every happening regarding it. All Arsenal fans want valuable information. Here are some apps for you.

AFC Soccer Diary
It’s a great app for all the fans who really want to know about the arsenal history. You can have the stories of all the club managers and the greatest players through this app. Do you know when the club was founded? What’s the highest game score? All this info along with many other things is there in the app.
You can get this app from the App store. It costs $4.99 only.
Live Scores – Arsenal
With this app you will stay updated as it will provide you the key information from the commentary team of Barclays Premier League. Live updates are available for Arsenal games and for all other Premier Leagues games with official Barclays Premier League statistics. It’s a great app and you can check anything. Who got dismissed? Who is substituted? And many more! So! Have you installed this app yet? No? Get it today.
This is an un-official app but it has a lot of features and all the Arsenal fans must download it. What are the latest and the hottest news? This app also lets you look at the gossip, different rumors and many other things. The app is easy to use. You need an internet connection for this app so that it can load the information from the net. Moreover, you can chat with other fans and you can also share your articles on Twitter, Facebook and even with email.
The app is not very much costly. You can download it by paying $1.99 only.

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