Nimbuzz for Android gets push notifications

Nimbuzz for Android
Most of you know about Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz lets you chat with your friends on Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and many others. You don’t have to open a separate messenger to chat with your friends when you have this installed in your phone.

Nimbuzz is available for Android and it’s pretty awesome. There were no push notifications in the past for Android users but Nimbuzz has updated and now you’ll be able to receive push notifications. This option will let your friends contact you even if you are not online and your phone’s battery will also won't be affected. You’ll see one check mark when Nimbuzz servers will receive your message and 2nd check mark when your message will successfully deliver to the receiver.

If you want to activate this option, you can activate it by going into Settings>Notifications and enabling it. This new version also has another feature added to it. You can synchronize it with your device and once you have synchronized, you’ll be able to chat or call any of your Nimbuzz friends from your contact list. Nimbuzz is available for free from the Android Market.

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